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We are now building our forever home on “Miracle Mountain” and it will hang in our entryway as a beacon of blessing and hope from above. . .SPIRIT always with us always providing what we need. . .while we pass through this life and into eternity ~ HOPE ETERNAL ~ Thank YOU from the bottom of

John & Teri W

Salutations Bob- I got my knife in the mail. It’s quite beautiful- thank

Nicole R

Just wanted to let you know that I love the bowl, and it works great! Thank you for the well built

Jared T

I appreciate the detail.. and wanted to give you a quick shout out.. My wife gave me a caribou antler eagle head carving for my birthday yesterday. It’s one of my favorite pieces in my office.. I absolutely love

I just recently purchased an ulu built by you from a knife builders shop and store in Rapid River, Michigan. We are new to the function, but love it. Totally unaware of your work,  we Googled your shop and are totally impressed. Your work is exquisite. Now we want more than ever to make a

Rod L

Received the pocket ulu knife I ordered for my father. Great customer service and beautiful quality. I bought one of your traditional ulu knives when I visited Alaska 2 weeks ago and we love

Lisa T

Calling All Hunters! B Merry Studio knives are renowned Alaskan made hunting and survival tools for outdoor utility use. We make them to last through years of hard work in the field. Our custom B Merry models include straight, folding, skinners, two sizes of fillet, Ulu knives, and pocket Ulu knives. Most knives are offered with a stainless-steel blade and Damascus steel blade options for several choices in each model. All of our hunting knives also come with a handmade leather sheath so they are ready to take into action.

Our stainless-steel blade is a high quality AUS8 grade which holds an edge and remains sharp and can also be honed when needed. We have two Damascus steel blade options which are forged (plated) Damascus for a high-quality lower cost option and our real (solid) Damascus with 416 folds of three different metals. Both create uniquely beautiful blade patterns while increasing edge retention and staying hard yet flexible for high function and longevity. We strive to offer only quality Made in USA choices so our customers can combine their favorite handle with their favorite ivory handle or bone handle with their favorite blade for their own custom-made knife of Alaska We also offer handmade chopping boards.

Our Knife Collection

We are Alaska's Premier hand carving artists using mediums of antler, bone and fossils for knife handles, nature carvings and pendants. We make high quality usable straight knives, folding knives, Ulu knives, pocket Ulu knives, with AUS8 steel, 440 steel and Damascus.

ULU Knives

The ULU Blade is Iconic Alaska with deep Native roots. Browse our selection of exotic material handles for this style.


Brouse our inventory of master carved pieces that are all Alaska


Carry a piece of Alaskan carving mastery with you always

One Of a Kind Items

These items will never be reproduced and some of them are made of Artifacts, and ancient or fossilized materials.

We source our own handle materials in the Arctic each fall which include Moose antler, Caribou antler, Mammoth bone, Walrus bone and Ivory, Musk Ox bone, Dall Sheep horn, Mammoth Ivory, and North American wood species. We are blessed to be able to work with and utilize these natural organic and sometimes fossilized materials each year after our Ungulate comrades shed them. We build our knife handles, carvings and pendants with both natural antler (bark on and brown in color) and polished antler (bark removed so white in color) to providemore choices to maximize our use of these special naturally growing materials. Every antler is as unique as the animal that grew it. We encourage you to check out our hunting and survival knives along with our other knife models to see for yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed by our top selection and quality.