Antler carving at B Merry Studio embodies a seamless fusion of artistry and environmental consciousness. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, B Merry Studio specializes in transforming naturally shed antlers into stunning pieces of art. Our deer and moose antler carvings not only highlight the beauty of a material that is often overlooked but also support sustainable practices within the art community.


Rediscovering the Ancient Craft of Antler Carving

Antler carving is an age-old art form that holds a significant place in human history and culture, especially within indigenous communities. At B Merry Studio, we are at the forefront of reviving this traditional craft by blending ancient techniques with modern aesthetics.

Historical Background

Antler carving has been practiced for millennia. It has served various functional and ceremonial purposes across different cultures. Initially, antlers were used to make tools, weapons, and ornaments. Over time, their use evolved into more artistic expressions, such as carved antler sculptures and decorative items that carry cultural narratives and spiritual significance. At B Merry Studio, we tap into this rich history to craft pieces that are not only beautiful but also steeped in storytelling.

Technique and Artistry

The technique of carving antlers requires precision and understanding of the properties of the material. Antlers are robust yet workable, allowing for detailed and intricate designs without compromising the strength of the finished product. At B Merry Studio, we combine traditional hand-carving techniques with modern methods to create carved antler pieces that meet contemporary standards while maintaining their rustic charm. Blending old and new techniques ensures that each piece of carved antler is unique and showcases the natural beauty and texture of the antlers.

Cultural Revival and Innovation

At B Merry Studio, we preserve ancient techniques and innovate within the craft. By introducing designs that resonate with today’s consumers, we ensure that antler carvings remain relevant and appealing. From elegant home decor items to practical everyday tools like the Ulu knife, our products are designed to fit into modern life but with a nod to their ancestral roots.

Antler Carving: An Eco-Friendly Artistic Expression

Antler carving stands out as an eco-friendly artistic expression at B Merry Studio, where respect for nature and sustainable practices are deeply embedded in every aspect of our craft.

The Renewable Resource: How Antlers Are Sourced

Natural Shedding Process

Antlers are one of the few animal products that are both completely renewable and ethically sourced. Members of the deer family grow a new set of antlers annually, which they shed at the end of the breeding season. This natural cycle is crucial for the survival and health of these animals and provides a sustainable source of material for antler carvings.

Sourcing Practices

B Merry Studio strictly sources antlers that have been naturally shed in the wild. The studio has established relationships with local gatherers in Alaska, who are trained to collect antlers with minimal disturbance to wildlife habitats. By sourcing locally, we support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of materials.

Ensuring Ethical Practices

At B Merry Studio, we maintain the highest standards of ethical practices and guidelines at every step of our sourcing process. We closely monitor the collection methods to ensure they align with animal welfare standards and the sustainability goals of local wildlife management. This vigilant approach helps us preserve the natural behavior and habitat of the wildlife populations involved.

Environmental Benefits of Using Antler as a Medium

Using antlers as an artistic medium presents several environmental benefits that align with modern sustainability goals. At B Merry Studio, the choice to use antlers reflects our commitment to ecological stewardship and showcases the possibility for sustainable practices in the art world.


Unlike synthetic materials that can contribute to pollution, antlers are completely biodegradable. This characteristic minimizes the environmental footprint of antler carving as an art, as discarded pieces can naturally break down without harming the environment.

Minimal Environmental Impact of Antler Collection

At B Merry Studio, we source naturally shed antlers from the ground without disturbing the environment or the animals. This practice contrasts sharply with materials that require mining or logging, which can lead to habitat destruction and pollution. The practice of collecting shed antlers can actually benefit wildlife management by removing potentially hazardous materials from animal habitats and reducing the spread of disease. Furthermore, our ethical collection practices help maintain the balance of the local ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and the health of the animal populations.

Longevity and Durability of Antler Products

Antlers are known for their exceptional durability, which makes them ideal materials for both functional items and decorative art. Deer and moose antler carvings are resistant to wear and tear. It can last for generations if proper care is given. The longevity of antler carvings reduces the need for frequent replacements, unlike products made from less durable materials that might contribute to consumer waste.

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

Since carved antler products are durable, they are also cost-effective. While the initial investment in a piece of antler carving or a functional item like a Ulu knife might be higher compared to similar items made from less durable materials, the longer lifespan of carved antler products offers greater value for money. Additionally, their timeless appeal and unique aesthetic enhance their value as both art and heirloom pieces.

Exploring B Merry Studio’s Signature Antler Creations

At B Merry Studio, our portfolio includes a wide range of antler creations, from intricately carved antler sculptures to practical home goods. Antlers are versatile and have the potential to be transformed into both art and items that serve everyday functions. Each antler carving from us is handcrafted and can be customized to any level, which is rare in today’s market. Clients can request specific designs, sizes, or features according to their needs or aesthetic preferences.

Functional Beauty: The Ulu Knife Collection

The Ulu knife is a traditional Alaskan tool that the indigenous people of Alaska originally used for everything from skinning animals to preparing food. At B Merry Studio, we have adapted the Ulu knife into a modern kitchen tool that retains its cultural significance and utility. Our Ulu knives feature carved antler handles crafted from naturally shed antlers. The use of antlers not only enhances the knife’s aesthetic appeal but also provides a durable, ergonomic handle design that improves the tool’s functionality.

Due to their unique designs, these knives are highly collectible. They make excellent gifts for culinary enthusiasts, art collectors, or anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and sustainability. The uniqueness of each handle, combined with the practicality of the knife, makes these items particularly appealing as both functional tools and display pieces.

Artistic Pieces: Carvings That Tell Stories

At B Merry Studio, each antler carving is more than just a piece of art—it’s a narrative captured in a timeless medium. Our craftsmen use their skills to turn antlers into detailed sculptures that tell stories of Alaska’s rich wildlife and landscapes, connecting buyers with the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Crafting Narratives with Antlers

The antlers used in these carvings come from the Alaskan wilderness, where moose, deer, and caribou naturally shed them. We shape and detail these antlers, ensuring that each curve and cut reflects both the material’s natural origins and the story they aim to tell. These antler carvings are more than a piece of art that decorates a space. They also serve as a bridge between modern life and the traditions of Alaskan native cultures. So, we often incorporate themes and motifs that are significant in local folklore and history, making them deeply meaningful.

Featured Pieces: Salmon Migration and Wildlife Scenes

Salmon Migration Carvings

At B Merry Studio, one of the standout themes in our carved antler collection is the salmon migration—a powerful symbol of life and renewal in Alaskan culture. These deer or moose antler carvings depict the dynamic movement of salmon swimming upstream, a critical part of the natural cycle in the region. Each carving captures the energy and struggle of this journey, highlighting the salmon’s significance not only to the ecosystem but also to the cultural life of Alaska’s indigenous peoples.

Wildlife Scene Carvings

Our wildlife scene carvings feature various animals native to Alaska, such as bears, wolves, and eagles. These pieces are crafted to showcase the animals in their natural habitats, emphasizing their roles within the Alaskan wilderness. Through these carvings, we celebrate the diversity and beauty of wildlife, raising awareness and appreciation for these species and their environments.

The Artistic Process at B Merry Studio

At B Merry Studio, we have mastered the art of transforming raw antlers into exquisite artworks that showcase the unique beauty of each antler and emphasize our dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability. Here, we explore the step-by-step journey from raw materials to finished artworks and the specific techniques that make B Merry Studio a leader in antler art.

Selection of Materials

The first step in the artistic process at B Merry Studio involves the careful selection of antlers. Only naturally shed antlers are chosen, ensuring that the animals are not harmed. Each piece is inspected for quality and potential, ensuring that it can be transformed into a durable and aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Cleaning and Preparation

Once selected, the antlers undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove debris and natural wear from the environment. This step ensures that the antler’s natural integrity is maintained while preparing it for carving and sculpting. The preparation process involves gentle techniques that preserve the antler’s organic textures and colors, which are significant in the final appearance of the artwork.

Sculpting and Carving

At B Merry Studio, the core of the artistic process is the sculpting and carving phase. Antler carvings of the desired forms are shaped using a combination of traditional hand tools and modern equipment. This stage requires a deep understanding of the material’s properties, as antlers have different densities and grain patterns that can influence the outcome of the carving.

Techniques and Tools Used in Antler Carving

Hand carving is a fundamental technique used by our artisans at B Merry Studio. It allows for detailed and precise cuts that are essential for fine artistry. Using chisels, knives, and files, the artists meticulously carve intricate designs and features into the antlers, turning each piece into a unique work of art.

The final step in the artistic process involves finishing techniques that enhance the visual appeal and durability of the antler carvings. This may include polishing, staining, or sealing the antlers to protect them from wear and enhance their natural beauty. These finishes are carefully selected based on their environmental friendliness and compatibility with the natural materials.

Cultural and Artistic Value of Antler Carvings in Modern-Day

Historically, antler carvings had significant symbolic meanings, often representing strength, resilience, and connection to the natural world. Antlers were considered gifts from the wilderness, capable of transferring some of the animal’s qualities to the bearer or the user. Antlers were also utilized in various practical applications, from tools like knives and utensils to ceremonial items such as masks and talismans. These items played crucial roles in spiritual practices and rituals, underscoring the integral relationship between the community’s culture and its environment.

Adapting to Contemporary Art

At B Merry Studio, we respect these traditional uses and meanings, incorporating them into modern designs that resonate with contemporary audiences. By adapting traditional motifs in antler carvings, we create pieces that maintain cultural relevance and appeal to modern aesthetic sensibilities. This adaptation involves both preserving the integrity of traditional designs and innovating in ways that highlight the antler’s natural beauty and versatility.

Bridging Cultures

Through our artworks, we not only celebrate the heritage of Alaskan native cultures but also introduce these rich traditions to a global audience. The carvings serve as cultural ambassadors that educate and inspire people about the history and values of the indigenous populations. This role is crucial in a world where many traditional arts are at risk of being forgotten or undervalued.

Collaborations and Innovations

At B Merry Studio, we also collaborate with local artists and indigenous craftsmen to ensure authenticity and depth in its antler carvings. These collaborations foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural significance behind each piece. Furthermore, we continually explore new techniques and ideas, helping to drive the evolution of deer and moose antler carvings as a dynamic form of artistic expression.

Conclusion: Join Us in Celebrating Sustainable Art

At B Merry Studio, we believe that art should not only be admired but experienced. We invite art lovers, environmental enthusiasts, and curious visitors alike to explore how sustainability and creativity coexist beautifully in our works. Each antler carving tells a story of nature’s resilience and the thoughtful stewardship of resources, offering a deeper appreciation for both the art and the environment.

Embrace Sustainable Art by Supporting B Merry Studio

By choosing to support B Merry Studio, you are not just acquiring unique and beautiful artworks; you are also contributing to a movement that values and actively promotes sustainability. Each purchase helps us continue our mission to create art that respects our cultural heritage and protects our natural world. We encourage you to embrace sustainable art by considering antler carvings for your next art purchase, gift, or home decor addition.

Discover the elegance and sustainability of antler art at B Merry Studio. Embrace the unique blend of tradition and environmental stewardship with each meticulously crafted piece. Visit us to experience the artistry firsthand or to discuss a custom piece that speaks to your style and values; call us at (907) 830-0190 or email Join B Merry Studio in celebrating the beauty of nature through sustainable art. Your journey towards a more responsible and inspiring world of art begins here.