Bob Merry’s Moose Antler Carving designs are pure cool genius!

Bob Merry’s designs are pure cool genius! All B Merry Studio knives are our own designs using the natural antler shapes to make sure each knife handle is ergonomically fit to your hand! Each knife fit, finish and functionality are our top priorities so you can count on your B Merry Studio knife to be your trusty sidekick. B Merry Studio is Alaska’s premier antler and bone sculpture carvers. The family has been hand carving antlers since the 1990’s. We carve full Moose and Caribou antler shovels with beautifully detailed nature depictions including fish and Ungulates from the state of Alaska. Antlers are extensions of an animal’s skull found in members of the deer family and are regrown each year. Deer are members of the Ungulate class which is a diverse clade of primarily large mammals with hooves. Each set of antlers is as unique as the animal that grew them, like human finger prints. Once they are discarded by shedding, we pick them up to turn them into something tangible and appealing for you. Antlers grow from the tip and are composed of bone yet have some differences, but by nature antlers are generally tougher and more flexible than bone. We are forever grateful for our animal friends in nature who grow and share these desirable dense materials with us.

The Family has Learned the Craft of Antler Carving

Through the years, the family has learned the craft of choosing which part of the antler to use per product and our goal is zero waste. We model our work ethic and products after the indigenous people of the Arctic. This is why we can offer such a wide variety of carvings, from tip and slab pendants, to carved crafts and knife handles, all the way to full scale carved horns and antler shovels. Every piece of antler we carve is a unique shape and color, which takes time to consider and determine which scene to carve and how it will impact the end use. So, whether you call them antler or bones, you can count on owning a one-of-a-kind special piece of art no matter which item you purchase from B Merry Studio.

We enjoy bringing Alaska closer and into your home and life with its expansive wilderness, vast resources and long-standing traditions of native Inuit art forms to our customers who live throughout the world.