B Merry Studio Custom Handmade Hunting and Survival Knives

B Merry Studio custom handmade hunting and survival knives have built a strong reputation around the world for durability and confidence. Each knife is built in Alaskan and ready for heavy duty outdoor use. Each blade and handle combination have been perfected for great fit, feel and function. We have a large selection of straight knives, folding knives, Mule skinners, Bear skinners, Gut hooks, Fillets, buried tangs, Capers, BMK skinners, and Hunter 1’s. We also make the world’s largest selection of Alaskan Native Ulu knives and pocket Ulu knives. All knives are offered with a stainless-steel blade and Damascus steel blade options for several choices in each model. All of our hunting knives also come with a handmade leather sheath so they are ready to take into the field.

High Quality Stainless-Steel Blade

Our stainless-steel blade ,used in making custom knives, is a high quality AUS8 grade which holds an edge and remains sharp and can also be honed when needed. Our real Damascus steel blades contain 416 folds of three different metals, which create wonderfully beautiful blade patterns while increasing edge retention and staying hard yet flexible for high function and longevity. We strive to offer only quality Made in USA choices so our customers can combine their favorite handle with their favorite blade for their own custom-made Alaskan knife!

Source Our Own Knife Handle Materials

We source our own knife handle materials ,for making custom knives, in the Arctic each fall which include Moose antler, Caribou antler, Mammoth bone, Walrus bone and Ivory, Musk Ox bone, Dall Sheep horn, Mammoth Ivory, and North American wood species. We are blessed to be able to work with and utilize these natural organic and sometimes fossilized materials each year after our Ungulate comrades shed them. Some handles are natural antler so are brown in color and textured while others are polished antler so are white in color and smooth. You can purchase any hunting or survival knife with confidence, since every B Merry Studio knife has a life-time warranty. We know you won’t be disappointed by our top selection and quality.