Kitchen Knives Made from Deer Antlers, Caribou, and More

All B Merry Studio knives are our own designs

Bob Merry’s designs are pure cool genius! All B Merry Studio knives are our own designs using the natural antler shape to make sure each knife handle ergonomically fits comfortably in your hand! Each knife model fit, finish and functionality are our top priorities so you can count on your B Merry Studio knife to be your trusty sidekick, no matter where it’s needed. Since the 1990’s, B Merry Studio has been making over 30 models of a must have one-handed kitchen and all-around utility knife, called an Ulu knife. The Ulu (pronounced oo-loo) is a Traditional tool used by Alaskan Natives for centuries. This one-handed 6” round blade cuts as it rocks back and forth. The rocking improves dexterity and provides more leverage, making both fine cuts and chopping tasks simple. This design works especially well for anyone with weak hands. We offer both 440 stainless steel and Damascus steel blades in combination with Moose antler, Caribou antler, Mammoth bone & Ivory, Walrus Oosik and jawbone, Musk Ox bone, Dall Sheep horn, Dymondwood (resin impregnated Birch plywood), and wood handle options for the largest selection in the world. Come create your own custom Ulu combination today!

Your kitchen tasks will be made even easier

Your kitchen tasks will be made even easier when you pair any Ulu knife with a B Merry Studio wood chopping bowl. Each bowl has a dished front face to match the rounded Ulu blade and a flat back face for use with any standard straight knife. Each bowl also provides a blade slot (top or corner) for countertop storage and display of your Ulu knife while keeping it handy. We make bowls in 3 wood options; Striped Alder & Walnut, 100% Birch, and 100% Alder. You can order a knife and board separately or in gift sets. We also make a handmade leather sheath for taking your Ulu on the road.

We also make other must have kitchen knives

Besides Ulu knives we also make other must have kitchen knives, like fillet knives, a bread knife, a Japanese style Santoku knife, bowie style buried tang knives and other kitchen accessories such as letter openers, bottle stops and all in one corkscrew bottle stops. All of our knives come with a life-time warranty from manufacturing defects. We hope you will take some time to enjoy our full collection.