What Good Is A Knife Without A Quality Handmade Wood Cutting Board or Chopping Board?!

What good is a knife without a quality wooden chopping board?! We at B Merry Studio know it can be hard to find the right cutting surface, especially for a rocking Ulu knife with a rounded blade. This is why we make high quality reversible wood chopping boards and bowls. The front face is dished to match the 6” rounded Ulu knife blade and the back face is flat for standard cutting board use with any knife. Each bowl also provides a blade slot (top or corner) for countertop storage and display of your Ulu knife while keeping it handy. Our boards come in 3 wood options; Striped Alder & Walnut, 100% Birch, and 100% Alder. The board size is 1-1/16″T x 8″W x 9″L and they can be purchased separately or in gift sets including an Ulu knife.

Wood Cutting Board Is Known to Last Longer

The traditional handmade wood cutting board is known to last longer than plastic boards with proper maintenance. Proper maintenance is simple: never leave the board soaking in water overnight and clean it occasionally with mineral oil. Never Wooden cutting boards are more sanitary compared to plastic as they are harder to cut into so clean easier, they are more forgiving on your knife edges (less sharpening needed), and wood contains antimicrobial properties that can halt bacteria from seeping into the board, reducing the likeliness of cross-contamination. This is why wood is historically the first and best choice for a cutting surface.

We Got Other Must Have Kitchen Items

Besides Birch, Alder, and Walnut wood boards, we also make other must have kitchen items such as Ulu knives, fillet knives, a bread knife, a Japanese style Santoku knife, and other kitchen accessories such as letter openers, bottle stops and all in one corkscrew bottle stops. Our crafted handles are hand carved from special mediums including antler, bone, horn and Mammoth Ivory. Add some flavor to your kitchen by bringing some of the Alaskan outdoors into your home.